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What are the concrete steps we can take to reinvent Europe?

We Europeans

Citizens, Europe can't exist without you!

WeEuropeans is a civic and non-partisan campaign aimed at mobilising the citizens of all the countries of the European Union to take back control of the European project. 

Crises everywhere are leading people to look inwards and withdraw into themselves. Mistrust of Europe is taking root at a time when, now more than ever, what we need is to work together to ensure that we create the conditions for a positive future for everyone. Citizens feel like they’re no longer in control of their destiny and that history is being written without them. But it’s us, the citizens of the European Union, who are Europe and who will build Europe. It’s up to us to act and to show a way forward. 

That’s why we’re calling on all the citizens of Europe to take part in this citizen consultation, so that we can write a new page in our history together. Take part in the biggest European public consultation ever carried out! A civic and democratic leap forward.

Each European will be able to participate in it by responding to the question “What are the steps we can take to reinvent Europe?” and by voting on the proposals that he or she deems to be the most relevant. Public consultations will be held simultaneously in each European country. A vote involving all European citizens will then be planned on the proposals that were the most popular during the first round.

On 22 March 2019, following this consultation, the proposals that won the approval of Europeans will be presented to the European Parliament in the form of a Citizens’ Agenda during a Congress of Europeans. We will ask political leaders, candidates in the European elections and heads of state and government to respond to the shared concerns of their fellow citizens.

Europe can't happen without you.

How does it work?

Participate in the consultation
Respectful and constructive content
Independence & results of the consultation
Transparency and security of data

The project

December, 15th 2018
A European call is published in newspapers in several EU countries to launch the campaign
February 2019
A massive consultation based on innovative online technology reaches millions of Europeans
March, 22nd 2019
A Congress of Europeans with a high media impact is held in Brussels at the European Parliament. It takes the form of a forum with citizens who participated in the consultation and opinion leaders addressing a range of politicians to discuss the results of the consultation and conclude with a European citizen agenda.
March, 22nd - April 2019
The citizens’ agenda is submitted to citizens across the EU and to political leaders and candidates for the European elections for them to take a stand in their campaigns.
April 2019
Publication/promotion of the citizen agenda in the European media.
9 MAY 2019
Presentation of the recommendations of the Citizens’ Congress to the Extraordinary European Council on the Future of Europe held in Sibiu during the Romanian EU Presidency.
23 to 26 May 2019
European elections.
15 December 2018
Publication of a call in the press of a number of EU countries for the launch of the civic campaign
February 2019
Online citizen consultation of millions of Europeans throughout the continent
22 March 2019
Organisation of a Congress of Europeans at the European Parliament. Citizens who have participated and a number of important figures from all walks of life will address the Members of the European Parliament and share a European Citizens’ Agenda stemming from the results of the consultation.
22 March - April 2019
Publication of the European Citizens’ Agenda in the European media and dissemination of it to all European citizens throughout the continent. Transmission of the European Citizens’ Agenda to the political leaders of all countries and to the candidates in the European elections, who will be invited to take a position on it during their respective campaigns.
9 May 2019
Presentation of the European Citizens’ Agenda to the Heads of State and Government during the European Council on 9 May in Sibiu that will discuss the future of Europe.
23-26 May 2019
European elections

The organisers

CIVICO Europa is a non-profit, independent and transnational association. Its goal is to allow EU citizens to take back control of the European project. It brings together a number of important figures in Europe who are convinced, regardless of their political positions, that it is time to transform the EU into a democratic power founded on continuous civic participation.

CIVICO gave proof of its influence when it launched a call for a European renaissance on 9 May 2016, receiving a positive response from both the public and from European decision makers, who requested to meet with those behind the proposal. Its report “The European Way for a Better Future” recommends supplementing elected representation with a permanent democratic infrastructure, one that is deliberative and participative, transnational and multilingual, and which can contribute to the creation of a European space for public debate.

The #WeEuropeans initiative, following CIVICO’s call for action on 9 May 2016, is a first and decisive step on the road to reforming European democracy, which will lead to the biggest transnational consultation ever organised, carried out by MAKE.ORG.
CIVICO Europa online:
‍Official website:
Twitter: @civico_europa
Facebook: civico.europa
Instagram: civico_europa

CIVICO Europa co-presidents:

Francesca Ratti and Guillaume Klossa

Tremeur Denigot / Director of Communications
+ 39 349 441 26 60
MAKE.ORG is a leading European civic tech organisation. Its mission is to engage citizens and civil society to make positive social changes. To do so, MAKE.ORG has developed a unique technical platform enabling millions of citizens to be asked an open question concerning the public interest, in a number of languages, and to draw popular consensuses from it.

MAKE.ORG has already carried out dozens of citizen consultations in Europe involving millions of citizens and hundreds of organisations (Red Cross, etc.), institutions (Ministries, large cities, etc.) and large companies. Moreover, MAKE.ORG created the Initiative for a Sustainable Democracy, the first global strategic alliance between countries, cities and civic tech.

MAKE.ORG has also developed a detailed governance structure to ensure that it retains absolute independence, neutrality and transparency. This goal is expressed in its Code of Ethics: MAKE.ORG is a Democratic, Civic and European platform that is Neutral, Independent, Transparent and that Respects personal data. Its governance is reviewed several times a year by an independent Ethics Committee.
MAKE.ORG online:
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Twitter : @Make_org
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Instagram : @make_org

‍Contact: Amina-Mathilde N’Diaye / PR & Communications Manager / +33 7 68 61 60 05

The initiators of this Tribune

Guillaume Klossa
Guillaume Klossa
Co-President of CIVICO Europa, writer and foundator of EuropaNova
Axel Dauchez
Axel Dauchez,
CEO and foundator of
László Andor
László Andor
(HU), economist, for-
mer European Commissioner
Mercedes Bresso
Mercedes Bresso
(IT), Member of the European Parliament, former
President of the European Committee of theRegions
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
(FR/DE), formerPresident of the « Greens » group, European Parliament
Paul Dujardin
Paul Dujardin
(BE), General Director of BOZAR
Markus Gabriel
Markus Gabriel
(DE), Philosopher
Danuta Hübner
Danuta Hübner
(PL), for-
mer European Commissioner, President ofthe Constitutional Affairs Committee, European Parliament
Alain Juppé
Alain Juppé
(FR), former Prime Minister,Mayor of Bordeaux
Robert Menasse
Robert Menasse
(AT), Writer
Sofi Oksanen
Sofi Oksanen
(FI), Writer
Francesca Ratti
Francesca Ratti
(IT), former Deputy Secretary
General of the European Parliament, founding
member and Co-President of CIVICO Europa
Roberto Saviano
Roberto Saviano
(IT) Writer
Maria João Rodrigues
Maria João Rodrigues
(PT), former Minister, Vice-President of the « Socialist and democrats » Group, European Parliament
Taavi Roivas
Taavi Roivas
(EST) Former Prime Minister
Petre Roman
Petre Roman
(RO) Former Prime Minister
Guy Verhofstadt
Guy Verhofstadt
(BE) Former Prime Minister
Luca Visentini
Luca Visentini
(IT), General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation